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    Hello, first time DIYer here. Got interested in working on cars recently after I spent hundreds of dollars on replacing parts at a shop and ended up fixing the car myself by cleaning MAF sensor after watching youtube. That got me thinking. I watched like 90% of Matt’s videos by now.

    Anyway, I just bought a project car to tinker with. It’s a cranking no start with rich condition and P0101 – Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. Scanner shows that MAF value is stuck at 0 (or if you blow on MAF sensor it gets stuck at a high value). I backprobed at ECU and found that if you blow on MAF sensor the voltage definitely varies around 1-2V depending on how hard you blow. Am I justified replacing ECU?



    My name is Chris and I have a Zoofactory. It’s ok if you don’t know what that is, as most of it is my head anyway. I’m a retired, but still relatively young, oil-field construction diver. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan with my wife and our 3 sons.

    Having a long standing relationship with Jeeps, I am not your typical Jeep crowd member. Work alone mostly, and I prefer the Jeep in a mostly stock configuration. I am not looking to re-engineer perfectly capable vehicles.

    I like to drive far away. As far as I can go. My longest trip was from Michigan to Honduras, back in 2002. I did that in a 1994 2.5 Wrangler. That vehicle is now in pieces… Michigan frames don’t last. And it turns out that my cure is worse than my problem with this “new” hot-dipped galvanized frame I came into from a structural steel engineer. So I have that to put together.

    But that is not why I am here. It’s my other Jeep that runs. It is a 2000 Cherokee. That’s how I ended up here. I’ve exhausted YouTube videos in an attempt to make the vehicle road worthy for myself and the boys, as the oldest gets closer to driving age.

    More so, I have an insatiable curiosity trying to understand how this entire machine works. I find automobiles fascinating pieces of engineering, but alas, I did not go to auto-mechanic school. I went dive school and then went offshore. ( I often wish I chose the former instead). So there it is.. I am guy chasing a dozen problems on an 2000 XJ, the largest related to O2 sensors and fuel trim. Schrodingers Box QM taught me more in a 27 minute video than I’ve learned in years of attempted troubleshooting. I still have an issue, but having learned about this site, it has now given me the opportunity to better self-educate using some basic skill sets, plenty of tools, and a desire to learn. My goal is to become a competent troubleshooter for this XJ, followed by the proper rebuilding of my 94’ YJ that my big brother drive off the showroom floor over 25 years ago. That’s the skinny if it.


    I’m in Baltimore MD and trying to get my 1968 cougar to pass inspection to ditch the historical tags.

    I love the YouTube channel & it’s about time I sign up.


    My general skill level is probably more like intermediate. Here’s my situation.

    I’m especially interested in some of the newer stuff because that gives me the option to go with fuel injection in the future on the 1968 cougar (302 4v GT40 heads unknown camshaft mildly loopy but still streetable Edelbrock AVS2 500cfm carb w stock C4 tranny open stock 8″ rear end 3:1 gearing — power estimated around 300 @ flywheel @ 7000 rpm + 350 lbs torque)

    The vehicle was sold to me as being electronically and mechanically restored. The body and interior are in great shape but unrestored.

    I’ve had it since November and drove it from Iowa to Texas and back to MD without any issues.

    Only one problem is keeping me from getting it through inspection. The turn signals mysteriously died.

    All other lights work including the hazard lights. The turn signal switch, digital upgraded flasher and digital turn sequencer box in the trunk are all new. Replacing the turn signal switch in the column caused no change but the stalk and cancelling work a lot better. The other part was cheap Chinese junk so I was going to get rid of it anyway.

    The fuses are all good and the test light and volt meter shows no loss of power or ohm or voltage drops.

    Basically I’m screwed. What other tactics can I use? No, I’m not ready to throw away the entire harness because it’s basically ok.

    It runs like a new car once it’s warmed up.


    Hi! My name is Carlos, and I am from Mexico I am a pretty hardcore DIYer and helicopter pilot and I love to learn new car stuff! I would love to learn more about electronic throttle control on cars, I see that there is no content on that, and also nothing on anti lock brakes! I really like how everything is explained based on the root on the understanding of how stuff works! nice to see how you combat the parts cannon. Here in Mexico, “professional” mechanics at most just buy a diagnostic obd tool and just change parts until they get it fixed. they don´t go around seeing how things work!! Congratulations o the content and hope to see new content soon!


    hey fellow 2 percenters! Names, George. Curious as they come. Love taking things apart to see the inner workings. 27 years old. 5 star chef. I can make your taste buds dance a little. Love Spanish music. Ozuna is my favorite. Love rap/hip-hop. RIP juice RIP pop smoke Rip X idk lots more but I don’t want to bore everyone.


    Warm greetings to an awesome site. I’ve been in the autoelectrical trade since 1985 and I’ve taught many apprentices and owned two autoelectrical companies in two different countries. I was born in Zambia, grew up in Zimbabwe, and spent 20 years working in Botswana, and now I’ve come full circle back to the town of my birth. During my time as an autoelectrician I’ve had the privilege of training many young apprentices and love teaching the practical aspects of the trade. I’m currently the technical consultant for

    Matt, you’re an amazing teacher! I just LOVE the way you put things accross in such simple terms and at the same time emphasize what really counts!

    Here in Africa we don’t have the liberty of becoming parts changers even if we’re tempted to! So I really appreciate AND AGREE with your diagnostics approach.

    Great stuff! I’m really looking forward to learning more from you guys. Although I’ve been in the autoelectrical field for many years, most of my time has been on earthmoving and hydraulics.


    Hello, everyone my name is Chris and my experience is only DIY. I love working on my own cars. I’m hoping to learn more about the diagnostic end of car repair, to help me find the right fault the first time.

    Thank You,


    Hi Matt n’ All,

    My name is Tim and I’m a DIY-A-Holic. Long time lurker of the Cat over on the welfare channel, decided to move on up to the East side…maybe purchase a dry cleaner shop or two…if you don’t get that, I wish I were as young as you are!

    Anyway, Software engineer by trade…auto technician, woodworker, plumber, and electrician by necessity or frugality…not sure which. Pretty much just work on the cars of mine (2000 Toyota Camry…damn thing is no fun at all, never breaks!) and my wife’s (2011 Suburu Outback…tons and tons of fun!) as well as any friends/relatives brave enough to let me work on what they drive…


    Hey everybody
    live in ca. drive a chevy silverado 1500 vortex max with a 6.0. I’m a production mechanic/welder fabricator.


    Hello yall. I’m just a guy who wants to learn how these things work. I’m a little curious and too cheap to pay someone else to do something when I’m more than capable.



    Hi Everyone, Hi Matt,

    My name is Nils, I’m 27yo and I live in Lille, France.

    I’m a tour lighting operator (concerts). DIYer since the first service done on a car/motorcycle because it’s cheaper even when throwing parts here lol.

    I like to understand how things works obviously !

    I own a 98′ Opel Vectra with a X18XE engine that I intend to sell because I just (in september lol) bought a 94′ Buick Park Avenue.

    Thanks for making these quality videos !

    A Diagnosis & understanding I would be glad to watch would be about ABS & traction control systems



    Hello, I’m Jesus Garcia from Arizona. I’m retired from the USPS, maintenance garage. Still do some mechanic work of my own and to real close friends, at my own pace. Working with veh. over 50 year and still learning

    Naughty Nate

    Hi I’m Nate and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been sober for 9 days and…

    Oh wait, wrong room :b


    Im Richard. I live in Victoria BC Canada. I discovered your YouTube channel a few months ago. I’m an electrician and new 2%er! I’ve fired that parts cannon in the past and I’m done.
    I love your diagnostic scientific process for diagnosis. I hope to one day be the guy in your neighborhood that everyone trusts and sends their vehicles to. You’ve inspired me to pursue that Matt. Thx

    As for what I’d like to see. I haven’t all of your stuff yet but vehicle network issues. CAN, class 2 etc…

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