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    My screen name is joevideo , I am approaching 70 years of age and this old dog is learning some new tricks! I have watched many of your videos and really appreciate your application of the scientific method to problem solving. I have learned so much from you on how to integrate all the systems and apply that to problem solving specific systems on my vehicle. I have a 2000 Honda CRV SE with 283,000 miles and it has been almost bullet proof – I am systematically going through the systems on my car looking for age related problems and upgrading systems that require attention – so far mainly suspension related troubles. I am now doing just about all of my own wrenching and you are a big part of that process – you have given me the confidence and the knowledge to tackle problems I never would have undertaken in the past.

    As my screen name implies I work in the film/video world and am accustomed to problem solving under pressure of a deadline. While your process requires the expense of allotting time to trace down the problem I save time and money in the long run – I am all for that. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us DIY’ers! Anything Honda specific would be great but I always learn something from all your videos!


    Hi, I’m Frank and I am a serious DIYer. Did the Penn-Foster course online a year ago finished it and got my diploma, but of course, diagnosing is the way to go so I am watching as many videos as possible so I will eventually get good at it. Matt has a good method, so I joined up with him. Learn, learn, learn. Thank you, Frank


    Hi All! My name is Annie. I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 that has recently been acting up and I strongly suspected I was not getting (even close) to the straight scoop from my local Dobbs shop. Discovering the sister site to this on You-Tube last night I watch 3 video’s, all great. Along with a little troll vs cat video Funny stuff!

    Happy to have found this site and looking forward to learning, learning, learning. No garage or place to work on the vehicle at this time, so no significant wrench turning here. But a 60+ lady who’s car acts up is far better equipped to deal with parts changers if she comes to the situation with knowledge and understanding. Therefore I wasted no time in signing up for this site.

    I am seeing buffering issues. Is this common or yet another thing to dx?

    Current SUV issues: AC quit blowing cold air in front cabin months before the rear AC quite blowing cold. 2yrs later I’d like to fix it so…you got it. I got a handy dandy can of AC Pro with a filler hose and pressure gauge. Honestly didn’t see the compressor kick on (was a cooler day). No pressure to begin with, emptied a can into sys. It did seem to keep the pressure. I will test again, add a little more ($4.00 at walley world) on a hot afternoon and watch for that compressor to kick in. If it doesn’t, won’t waste the coolant. Electrical testing it is. I will have to buy an electrical gage. Brother has all kinds of car mechanic stuff as he has a racing mustang but he also is quite busy running a completely unrelated business.

    Replaced Cats due to codes in Feb.’19, car would not pass inspection. Now having issues again. Seems like a vacuum leak thing to me. Just had service engine light go on 2 days after having service. Codes say Cat again. I call BS. This is a symptom of an issue that originated when the Intake Manifold failed 4 yrs ago and I unfortunately had it towed to Sears for the work. Long saga. Anyway, at one point in my life I lived in the FL Keys and drove an adorable red Mercedes 450sl which is a fabulous way to learn about vacuum leak issues among other things.

    Many little this and that with my vehicle however throwing those stinking Cat codes is the bane of my existence right now so I will be watching lots of these video’s.


    Hello all,

    I am Alan. I Chevrolet and Buick dealerships until 1987. Worked as marine mechanic in FL for about a year. Got a job with the US Fish & Wildlife Service in 1988 and have been with them since. I work on a fleet of about 20 vehicles and about a dozen pieces of heavy equipment. We send out things we can not handle in house I mostly joined here for good info on working on my personal cars.

    Thanks for inviting me in,



    Hi Matt!!! my name is cuyler5334 I have been retired for several years and have recently found your site. Thank you for what you do I am sucking all the information I can from your site. I am studying every system and my skill level has jumped up huge in a very short period of time. I totally love your website I am a member thanks again.


    My name is Chris found your you tube page and instantly was hooked on your teaching style. My wife buys and sells used cars and we are sick of mechanics that just guess and waste money without getting a fix. Im hoping to learn useful skills to save time money and less headaches


    Im a fleet mechanic in Idaho with almost 40 years experience and I love this channel. I enjoy riding along in the thought process of your diagnosing problems. I have many ASE master level certifications but always am still learning. These videos are quite addictive as I experience the same issues almost daily. Very impressed!


    Greetings. Im Tracy from Utah. I started DIY at 16 and have been a 98% for 37 years and that hurts to admit but it served me well. I have saved those around me much money but I just paid $100 to find out that my local Tunex is crap at diagnostic. I’ve never felt so helpless and I don’t like it so I will have this sacred esoteric knowledge.


    Hello all…I’m Drew with Drew’s Diagnostics in Charlotte North Carolina and have been in this trade for many years. Always wanting to learn more and push myself to be better than the next wrench. I’ve studied all of Matt’s videos on YouTube over the years and appreciate his style. So many of his contemporaries put out videos, but his explanations coupled with the graphics that he draws to further illustrate the concepts make his approach unique.


    Hello group, My name is Cliff and I own a small garage business in South central Pennsylvania. I am a one man shop and have learned so much watching this channel. Looking forward to learning much more, especially on the diagnostics side. Very useful info Matt


    Hey guys… new here and new to all of this actually. I’m an old school shade tree mechanic. Working on cars in my day was way easy… nothing at all like today. I started getting involved in this in trying to trouble shoot my own truck. Before I got my used ebay Tech 2 GM Scanner I shot gunned my truck problems with new parts and still have the problem. LMAO… so I’m here to learn and ask questions. Good to be here.


    Hey Folks – I’m Mike. I’ve been a pretty good monkey-wrencher over the years, but not much for diagnostics (beyond obviously worn out mechanicals).

    Recently found myself sitting in my car, after swapping out the maf, running the EGR test on the diagnostic software. I looked at the numbers and realized I was an idiot. The MAF requested and MAF actual didn’t match because the EGR valve probably wasn’t opening. Somehow knowing I was down $80 already (lucky I hadn’t had to pay twice that for an OEM maf) told me I needed to figure out what was really wrong before I bought another expensive part. I took my vacuum pump and started working through each section of the system and watching what happened to the MAF numbers on the computer and watching how much vacuum each leg was pulling. Finally figured out the egr solenoid was stuck closed and was able to pop it loose with the vacuum pump.

    I stumbled on Matt’s vids not long after that and now I’m here. Even though both my cars are diesels I’m learning a ton that applies to how I go about diagnosing now.

    Bob S

    New to the forum and a consummate accomplished parts changer. Small oilfield related business owner from S. Louisiana. Have a small shop with a two post bendpak lift and a fair amount of tools to do as much repair work as we can in house.

    Right now, I’m in over my head with a P0300 on my wife’s ’09 denali 6.2 gas engine.

    Kindest Regards,
    Bob S


    Hello guys! My name is Milos and I’m the owner of 2004 Saab 9-3 2.0 Turbo … I will enjoy learning all advanced diagnostic stuf and understanding more automotive concepts


    The name is Syl.
    Retired Electronics Engineer.
    Located in the Long Island Hamptons.

    Worked on my own cars since getting screwed by “Mechanic” back in the 70’s
    Have AutoEnginuity PC ScanTool‎ and software for GM Impala
    Have VAGCOM Audi/VW PC Scantool

    My current “Issueewww” is with my 2002 Audi A4 3.0L – – > Camshaft Position sensor CEL
    I’ll provide the error codes and troubleshooting details after I return from Florida.

    Does this website provide data on fellow tinkerers who have test equipment and specialty tools that they are willing to share?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 119 total)
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