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    New to SBQM. Low fuel light on son’s car bad, gauge good,Watched excellent series on electric for beginners. Determined sending unit bad. Also several videos saying to keep fuel level above quarter to keep pump cool and not possibly picking up sediment. Fix $0, told son to keep tank above 1/4.

    Ohm’s law. In part 1 of electrical video Matt gave ohm’s law as V=IR. Volts= Intensity x Resistance and the “I” was, he thought, from the French word for intensity. I wondered what a French word was doing in Georg Ohm’s, a German, law. Right word, wrong country. The I is for intensitÄt, German word meaning intensity (amps or current).

    Background. I am a pilot, retired from a major carrier. Over the years I have spent many days and hours in the classroom learning the systems of Boeing airliners. I am glad I found these videos and think Matt is one of the better “instructors” to watch and really learn the “systems” Thank you. In closing I will say I am glad I am retired. These days many are now working from home, and I haven’t ound a way to park a Boeing 767 in my driveway.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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